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April 13, 2021
Onsite Training & Train The Trainer

Half Day or Full Day Onsite Training Classes; Operator Safety or Train-the-Trainer

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    • 15+ years of training expertise -- Whatever your unique situation is, we can handle it and make the training go smoothly.
    • OSHA compliant training that doesn't put everyone to sleep; we work with you to create a unique training experience specific to your needs.
    • Competitive pricing; let's get the conversation started, we'll work with your budget!
    • Train on the actual equipment your guys will use on the job.
    • We offer both Operator Safety and Train-the-Trainer onsite classes
    • No charge for additional students

    We offer full-day and half-day classes depending on your exact heavy equipment operator licensing training needs, the equipment being used and the number of trainees you have. We can even combine classes to fit limits imposed by time or budgets. Additionally, our per-day rate can be a cost-effective way for your company to get the training you need and save money.

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    "Stop training the hard way. Do it the Hard Hat Training way instead!"
    Making training easy and affordable.
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