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January 13, 2022

What is CAL/OSHA, and does it apply to me?

What is CAL/OSHA?

CAL/OSHA is responsible for the health and safety of workers in California as well as the safety of passengers on elevators, amusement rides and tramways. CAL/OSHA has two branches: Enforcement and Consultation Services.

The Enforcement branch of CAL/OSHA is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations by conducting inspections of California workplaces for occupational safety and health violations.  They investigate complaints of workplace hazards and accidents that result in serious injury, illness, or death. In addition, they have the authority to issue citations, licenses, permits, certification, registrations, and approvals.

The Consultation Services branch of CAL/OSHA assists employers and employees with their workplace safety and health needs.  The services they provide include on-site visits, offsite consultation, educational outreach, and partnership programs. 

What is CAL OSHA Training

What does CAL/OSHA stand for?

CAL/OSHA stands for California Occupational Safety and Health Act.  It is an agency of the government of California also known as the Division of Occupational Safety and Health of California (DOSH).

Does CAL/OSHA apply to me?

CAL/OSHA applies to almost every workplace in California including state and local government.  Exceptions apply to employers in California with no more than 10 employees at any one time during the year or those in some low-hazard industries listed in California Labor Code 6401.7(e)(4). Some other exceptions apply to federal employees, private sector employers within U.S. military installations, Native American reservations and trusts lands, and offshore maritime workers.

To complete trainings that are compliant specifically with CAL/OSHA standards, visit CAL OSHA TRAININGS.

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