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These trainings are compliant specifically with CAL/OSHA standards. They are only applicable to employees working in California. If you work in California and you don't see what you're looking for on this page, check out Hard Hat Training.

Hard Hat Training U.S. trainings without a corresponding California version are compliant with Federal OSHA regulations and do not have any specific CAL/OSHA standards.

Our Mission

Our main purpose is to provide you with easy and affordable OSHA-compliant safety training solutions. We have an in-house support team to help you with all of your training needs. Our customer satisfaction is based on these core values:
Affordable Price
Osha Compliant 
Up to Date Safety Training
Flexible Training Options
Printable Safety Certificates
Variety of Safety Trainings
  • fire

    Fire Watch 

    Worksite fires can spread rapidly and pose a serious threat to all employees working on the site. Fire watch teams will inspect hazardous areas where there is a danger of fire from welding and other activities that may produce sparks, open flames, and burning of materials.
  • excavator

    Mini Excavator 

    Like any heavy machinery, excavators can be dangerous in untrained hands. For this reason, the United States government and OSHA have mandated that if you’re operating an excavator, like a track hoe, you must take a safety training course.
  • front loader


    While only the excavator operator is required to become certified in OSHA safety best practices, anyone that works in close proximity to excavators can benefit from the information in this course.
  • aerial lift

    Aerial Lift

    Aerial and scissor lifts play an important role in construction and many other industries. These versatile lifts come in several types with various applications and operating hazards.
  • front loader

    Front End Loader

    Front end loader operators typically report to a foreman. The loader operator is responsible for operating a front end loader that is equipped with a hydraulically powered bucket or scoop on its front end. The loader operator uses the machine to transport a variety of bulk materials from one place to another on the job site.
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Read what some of our customers say about our courses.

Troy Norris

I used CAL OSHA for getting my crews trained on Excavators with their Excavator Trainer Kit. What an awesome program. I highly recommend this kit. Easily editable and easy to teach from. Highly recommend their products.

Javier Mateus

Un proceso para obtener la certificación online en uno de los cursos presentados por Hard Hat Training, simplemente estupendo, práctico y muy enfocado en la seguridad del operador y en los aspectos técnicos de los equipos y la operación.

Mark Polon

After trying other platforms, we have been very pleased with Safety Provisions. The user interface is easy to use and we love the ease of access. The training is also easy to administer and the performance checklists are provided. We can't recommend them enough!

Bob Wilhelm

Good program, Worth the money, easy to navigate.

David Erae

My experience has been insightful and Hard Hat training has been a very big boost to my competence both as a trainee and a trainer. We appreciate you.

Michaelene Niedo

One of the best online sources for safety certifications.
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